Toilet Installation & Replacement

When you get a new apartment and want to install a new toilet, our company has great plumbers ready to install your toilet. Katy Water Heater has +15 years of experience in which we presented many successful commercial and residential services in Katy TX. In addition, we have trained and experienced plumbers that you can get their help easily.

Do you want to install a black toilet instead of your white one? Replacing a toilet needs a specialized plumber to remove your old one and install the new toilet, call us to get it installed properly.

We deal with Toto toilets, American Standard, Kohler, Niagara, Saniflo, Woodbridge, Delta, and many other toilet brands. Don’t be hesitant to call us when you need to install or replace a toilet.

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Excellent Toilet Repair Service In Katy, Texas

Not all clogged toilets can be unclogged using baking soda and vinegar. Even the toilet plunger can fail to unclog your toilet. Therefore, if you have a clogged toilet that is hard to unclog, call us to get the assistance of our plumbers who can unclog any toilet.

In case your toilet tank is leaking or you have a problem with the toilet flush valve that transfers the water to the bowl, rely on us. Even if your toilet is leaking or running constantly because of the toilet flapper, we can fix it. Our plumbers can deal with all toilet parts correctly.

Moreover, if your toilet base leaks when you flush your toilet, you may need our plumbers to replace the wax ring or tighten toilet tee bolts if they are loose. Whether you have a cracked toilet seat, sluggish toilet, rusty flush handle or hinge, clogged toilet or your toilet doesn’t flush, contact us to get our trusted service.

We handle gravity-flow toilet and pressure assist toilet as well. Regardless of your toilet problem, we can repair it perfectly.

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Low-Priced Toilet Repair Service

Toilets are very necessary in every place and in our service, we appreciate the importance of having a well-functioning toilet. Therefore, we provide all Katy TX people with a +high-quality toilet repair service.

Some toilet problems appear to be simple, however, when you deal with them yourself, you face a serious problem! That is why it is wise to get the assistance of our specialized plumbers. There is no big or small problem that we cannot handle.

Besides, to help you repair your toilet, we present our toilet repair service at a very affordable price. Get your comfort by calling us today.

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