Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposal becomes an important appliance in every home. That is because of its several benefits. For example, it helps you to keep your kitchen hygienic.

When you need to install a garbage disposal, you have to choose the right unit that suits your kitchen sink. Katy Water Heater is a reliable company in your area, you can get our assistance to install your new garbage disposal. Even if you need us to help you choose a unit, we are ready to help you get the best unit for you.

Moreover, if you have a broken garbage disposal or you want to replace your unit to get a new one for any reason, our plumbers will remove your old unit and install the new one correctly.

Anytime you want to reap the benefits of having a garbage disposal, call us, our service is obtainable in every place in Katy, Texas.

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Food Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal is like any other appliance in your house, you may face problems with it. In case you are suffering from some issues with your garbage disposal and always asking yourself “Where can I find garbage disposal repair near me?” We are here to help.

Is your kitchen disposal leaking? Whether your garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, the top or from the side, we can fix it.

Is your InSinkErator garbage disposal stuck? Fixing jammed garbage disposal with an Allen wrench is not always an effective way. In case you tried to unjam your unit, but your way fails, we can unjam disposal correctly. We can fix broken garbage disposal as well.

Furthermore, we can unclog clogged garbage disposal and replace your unit in case you want to replace it.

We offer +affordable garburator repair service in Katy TX that assists you to easily fix your garbage disposal and save your money. We are always ready to answer your call.

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Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Using your garbage disposal properly helps you to avoid facing problems with it. Therefore, you should know what kind of food you can put in it and what shouldn’t. Putting foreign things in your unit is the major reason for its clogging.

Besides, you shouldn’t put much amount of food in it and care about its cleaning. You can clean your garbage disposal yourself using baking soda and vinegar, ice, and soap.

In Katy, Texas, our company staff has effective ways to keep garbage disposal running smoothly. In case you want to assure the good function and durability of your unit, give us one call.

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